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I was mortified when I heard that song as an adult and realized it was about a boner."–Juliemazur "The song talks about 'loving herself' and I genuinely thought she actually loved herself and her body/personality.Little did I know she was actually being very sexual.

, Ringling Brothers closing, When do you get involved?

Accedendo a questa categoria di chatroom ssi dichiara di essere maggiorenni e di aver compiuto il diciottesimo anno di età.

Se sei un genitore e desideri maggiori informazioni sui filtri famiglia, visita la pagina relativa alla guida per la configurazione di Family Safety di Microsoft, per proteggere i tuoi figli da contenuti internet non idonei.

An mir ging die Nummer irgendwie vorbei, aber im Dezember, lief der Song immer im Auto eines Kumpels, der sogar Videoclips abspielen konnte. It lacks quality almost entirely, and is just completely tacky.

Und eben durch das doch sehenswerte und auch amüsante Video, hat sich der Song dann doch bei mir beliebt gemacht.. It felt wrong considering the context of the original song so I tried to resist, alas unsuccessfully. I was going to write this whole thing about how draining the context of the song it samples evaporates the meaning behind the song and so on, because there is no way I was ever going to find anything salvageable about this, right? It's unhealthy, like an addict going back for another fix.

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