Carbon dating vandermeers

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(The book will be dedicated to Kage Baker, who contributed to the first volume.) Contributors will include Mike Mignola, Greg Broadmore, China Mieville, Holly Black, Naomi Novik, Minister Faust, Alan Moore, Cherie Priest, Michael Moorcock, Tad Williams, Jake Von Slatt, Caitlin R. (5) A high level of writing and imagination is expected for these entries, and we also expect that they will be properly grammar/spell-checked before being submitted.

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The twist in this story is that the zombies are not necessarily all unintelligent, which sparks ethical concerns over whether they should be wiped out or not.

After a glut of recent news, here's a list of all the science fiction and fantasy novels, short stories and novellas which are currently being developed for the screen.

Natalie Zutter's article for from last year was a helpful reference point for this post.

WYLONA But it has to be true, it says so on their wikipedia page.

I’ve taken the theory of Carbon Dating – that science reaches further with a little comedy – and applied it to live programming with a new 501(c)(3) called SCIENCE RIOT, INC.

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