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However, we have seen Liad’s performance that featured real-time erotic conversations with real clients (Liad works at an Israeli erotic chat website, where clients pay money by the minute to see her conduct live intimate performances and one-on-one erotic conversations with them). As Silvia Federici said at her seminar, the feminist debate on sex work – as well as trafficking – is blinded by morals.

The audience at the Old Electric Plant could switch between three views on erotic labour: the client’s perspective (video), the behind-the-scenes perspectives (screening of the chat and the artist’s entire work place, not merely her body) and the non-mediated perspective of a live audience, whom Liad invited to ask questions about the inner workings of the sex industry. Who are we to decide which form of exploitation is ok and which one is not? The other widely spread feminist assumption is the notion that sex work is empowering and emancipatory.

Israel remains the power source of Solomonov's true inspiration.

We would like to point out that we are not sex workers, and cannot speak in their name. T: Yes, sex-workers shout “We don’t need to be saved” for a reason.

Being a feminist does not mean you understand sex work.

K: And as Liad pointed out during her performance this is also still not widely acknowledged in feminist circles.

But it's really that undefinable sense of "I don't know" that shapes the film's central quest. It's "a combination of what we have here, of local terroir, of Palestinian cooking, and of our immigrant baggage, which we brought from our grandparents." The movie deftly explores the unique forces that have shaped this culinary landscape, from the ebb and flow of political tensions between Arabs and Jews to the competing tensions between Jews themselves who arrived with varied traditions from different corners of the world to the psyche of first-generation immigrants wanting to leave a persecuted history behind.

An artisan-food awakening that truly blossomed in the 1990s, much as in America, has given Israel the sophistication and resources to now become something thrillingly distinct.

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