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The privacy of your personal information is important to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and our affiliated legal entities (referred to in this policy collectively as “the Church,” “we,” “us,” and similar terms).

This is a term 'disconnect' commonly used in Scientology. 2015 Missionaries often fail to report medical issues as they do not want to exhibit they are lacking in faith.There two ways to update information on the LDS Account: First, go to https://org/ and sign in with your login credentials.Once logged in, you will be able to change and update the following: Username (note, you can only successfully change your LDS Account username if the preferred username isn't already taken by another individual)Password (under the 'Security Settings' portion)E-mail Address (this e-mail address is the primary address for the account [for church employees, missionaries, and volunteers, whose accounts are workforce-enabled, this e-mail is also the main e-mail your password-reset notifications will be sent to)Phone Number (basic contact information)Security Questions and Answers (answers ARE case-sensitive)Password Recovery Options (often, if username or password needs to be reset, the site won't allow the recovery unless these options are specified [usually e-mail, phone, MRN])Workforce Information (for employees, missionaries, and volunteers)Preferred Display Name (how your name will display on LDS sites and programs)Name (as shown on your membership record [note, this is NOT the same as your preferred name on the LDS Account])Address (as shown on LDS Tools, ward directories, etc.)Membership Record Number (if the MRN is incorrect, or if you need to verify the number)Date-of-Birth (mainly for verification purposes)Contact Information (e-mail and phone numbers that show in public places, such as Tools and ward directories)The phone number and email address in Contact Settings for the LDS Account, are for password recovery only.Privacy Practices We may also use your personal information for internal purposes, including auditing, data analysis, system troubleshooting, and research.In addition, we may use both the personal information you provided and the information your web browser sends (see section 10 below) in order to detect users who appear to be causing harm to our sites or in order to personalize users’ experiences on our sites.

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