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Ph ET Interactive Simulations: New tools for teaching and learning chemistry Katherine Perkins, Kelly Lancaster, Patricia Loeblein, Robert Parson, and Noah Podolefsky University of Colorado at Boulder The Chemistry Education Research community has long recognized the power of animations and visualizations in the teaching and learning of chemistry (e.g.

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After more than a decade of trying to determine if humans produce new neurons, one Swedish research group has finally come up with a novel method using above ground nuclear testing data.

Neurons are cells that make up our brain and spinal cord allowing us to process our surroundings.

There is little doubt that simulations will be an ever-growing part of both the educational and scientific enterprise.Simulations also have the potential to transform the way science is taught and learned, and are increasingly becoming a focus of research.Simulations can be highly interactive and dynamic, make the invisible visible, scaffold inquiry by what is displayed and what is controlled, provide multiple representations, and allow safe (both physically and psychologically) multiple trials and rapid inquiry cycles.The 8th Grade science assessments will consist of four-response option multiple-choice items and technology enhanced items (online administration only.The Grade 8 End of Grade (EOG) Science assessment requires access to a periodic table of the elements (just like I told you! It can be downloaded at Hydrothermal Vents info: other cool stuff about hydrothermal vents includes: and Interested in a way to stop bacteria without building resistance?

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