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I would be nice if these options were part of the main program preferences, and not require a plugin at all. Lab, As I said before in others posts in the past, I believe that one of the greatest virtues of form Z, among many many many others , is that it have a structure of work based on objects and layers.

These two plugins are keeping me from using V8 despite being a Family Plan subscriber. IMHO, this allows you to work efficiently and also in an orderly manner when required, and transfer information to other programs correctly and clearly.

Situated amongst some of the most spectacular scenery in Britain the historic spa town of Buxton every year celebrates a feast of music, theatre, film, poetry, dance and a myriad other artistic pursuits The history of consumer culture is revealed though household products and shopping basket favourites in our time tunnel, which charts a nostalgic journey from Victorian times to the present day.

Discover how well-loved brands evolved through their creative use of packaging and advertising, and how we evolved with them.

Yeats proposed marriage several times to her throughout his life, always to be refused.

The fierce passion his love for Gonne stirred, shaped and inspired some of the most beautiful romantic poetry of the 20 Century.

Irish seafood restaurants are getting better (and a lot more popular) thanks to the rich waters that surround us and the abundance of fresh fish and shellfish that is landed daily around our 3000 miles of coastline.

Healthy and delicious, Irish seafood is best enjoyed with some freshly baked Irish soda bread, a pint of Guinness and a sea view...

This is the story of a man and woman under a willow and beside a weir near a river in a wooded clearing. In 1889, when Yeats was just 23 he met Gonne in London, and it was his exquisite affection for her that had him pursue her for the rest of his life.

One of the great romantic legends of Ireland is the tale of Diarmuid & Grainne.

From ancient Irish prose, and with scripts dating back as far as the 10th century, this tale recounts the story of the great chief, Fionn, who although aging sought to the take the beautiful young princess Grainne as his second bride.

Strangely enough for an island nation we never really ate or even liked fish up until a few years ago when it became healthy, trendy and expensive !

Apart from fridays, especially Good Friday, when it was common to fast from meat as part of the Catholic religion...

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