Thirty sex chambers of shaolin

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“Beyond the kung-fu, it was the reality of the situation that hit me,” said RZA of the movie.

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so it’s only right that the crew’s own RZA takes the helm to live score the classic kung-fu film that inspired the group’s debut album. The special live screening is set to show twice in Austin, Texas on Sept. In the meantime, RZA will no doubt be contributing to Wu-Tang’s upcoming album that’s reportedly being produced by Ghostface Killah.Not only are there (beautifully choreographed) martial arts fights, but there's also frequent shooting, stabbing, slicing, explosions -- and lots of blood.There's a serious, tragic tone to the violence, and children and animals are involved in some of it -- a little girl dies after a battle, soldiers fire warning shots at boys, and horses are injured.

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