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Both the VS 2005 Web Site Project option and the VS 2005 Web Application Project option will continue to be going forward with future Visual Studio releases.What we've found is that some people love one option, while disliking the other, and vice-versa.It's the only viable file I can think of to use without having an official build file.------ Build started: Project: C:\...\cmsappmin-abcd\, Configuration: Debug Any CPU ------ Validating Web Site Building directory '/cmsappmin-abcd/abcd/controls/docsearch/'.------ Build started: Project: C:\...\Web\, Configuration: Debug Any CPU ------ Validating Web Site Building directory '/Web/Admin/Secure/'. VS would never even start building if that control was present in any of the open designers, though it would lock everything out as if it were building. It may be attempting to display a warning\registration UI that is not making it to focus. While I was figuring it out, I accidentally had it invalidating the form from the control's On Paint method, resulting in an infinite loop of painting.To learn more about VS 2005 Web Application Projects, please review the tutorials I've published on my Note that VS 2005 Web Application Project support will be included in VS 2005 SP1 (so no additional download will be required going forward).

I do not have a puny computer, so its processing power is not an issue.I've also worked on Web Application projects equivalent in size and complexity that compile in just a few seconds.I'm open to pretty much anything, so I'd love to hear your thoughts!If there are any validation problems, they would generally show up as warnings on your error list. I personally wouldn't turn it off because as a web developer, meeting the W3C standards as well as other standards that deal with handicap accessibility are important to me in delivering a good product that will work on most browsers.There should be settings where you can adjust the level of the validation that is done, but if I were you I would just put up with the few extra seconds of loading time when debugging your project.

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